Managed ZNC and IRC Hosting

Fully managed, privacy-first and secure hosting for you and your teams
communication needs, starting at just $1.33 / user / month


Together with out partners we offer a distributed network around the world to provide our services as close to you as possible to optimize performance.

Not the right location for you? Get in touch with us to discuss possible other locations!

Details About Our Network

The most important facts about our network infrastructure. If you need more information or details, please feel free to get in touch with us anytime.

Worldwide Locations

With our global cloud partners we are able to offer our services in various locations around the world without compromising stability.

Instant Deployment

Fully automated deployments in an instant. Get your service up and running within a few minutes without manual interference.

DDoS Protection

All our locations provide proper multiple 100 GBit/s DDoS Protection to keep your service up and running even under attack.

Dedicated IPv4 Address

At ZNCHost, each customer has it's own dedicated IPv4 address for external IRC usage. No more unexpected issues because of bad neighbors.

Full Redundancy

Our systems are all built with full redundancy in mind, we always keep at least double the resources available than we'd usually need.

24/7 Monitoring

Our services are all monitored closely by various systems and our high-skilled support team.

Looking for a custom solution?

We strive to build the best possible solution for your communication. Get in touch with our friendly support team if you need something custom tailored to your needs.

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