Information for IRC Networks

A compilation of information for IRC Network Administrators

What is ZNCHost and how does it work?

ZNCHost is a managed hosting provider mainly for ZNC (hence the name). We host and maintain ZNC instances for our customers in various world-wide locations. Our customers might use their ZNC instances to connect to public (or private) IRC networks at their discretion.

All our customer services are entirely separated logically and connectivity wise. Every customer has their own dedicated IPv4 address assigned for external IRC connections. They also might chose to use a custom PTR (reverse DNS) record.

Depending on the location the customer chooses, we use different cloud providers to provide our service.

How can we identify ZNCHost users or connections?

Since we use a cloud concept to host our customers, we do not have a specific IP range you can check upon, it's constantly changing with new customers signing up and leaving.

To make it easier for IRC networks to identify our customers, the real name used by those connections is by default very informative, it has a "znchost/instance/user" syntax. However, users can change their realname as they desire. To be absolutely sure we added a custom CTCP response ("CTCP ZNCHOST") that our users cannot change or deactivate, which will reply the same format if it's one of our users.

As mentioned above, every customer has their own dedicated IPv4 address and might use a custom PTR (reverse DNS) record of their choosing.

How to report abuse on our network?

Obviously, we do not tolerate our customers acting against your networks terms and rules in any way, so please let us know about any infringements.

In addition we also log and investigate every kill, G/Z/K-line our customers receive on any IRC networks and will communicate with the customer and act accordingly.

Please check our means of communication below on how to reach out to us. Please always include logs (with timezone), the users IP address, real-name and ident and as much additional information about this incident as possible.

Anything else?

It's obviously in our highest interest to be in a good and professional standing with IRC networks out there to ensure flawless communication for our customers.

In case we do need to sign-up for special connection permits, go through any kind of verification process or you need any kind of information about our service, please get in touch with us at any time.

How to contact ZNCHost?

You can chose one of the following options to get in touch with us.

Via Email or Contact Form

You can either use our support/contact form to get in touch, or send us an email straight to [email protected]. Please make sure to use an official email address that enables us to verify your affiliation with the network.


Our staff is also available on IRC if you want to go for a more synchronous approach: #znchost @ Libera Chat

Looking for a custom solution?

We strive to build the best possible solution for your communication. Get in touch with our friendly support team if you need something custom tailored to your needs.

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