Open-Source @ ZNCHost

ZNCHost is very committed to the open-source community. Learn how and why!

ZNCHost's Commitment To Open-Source Software

It can't come as a surprise that we make heavy use of open-source software and tools within ZNCHost, of course with ZNC itself being the most prominent and obvious one.

Everyone on our team is a strong advocate and supporter of the whole open-source ecosystem. Without open-source software ZNCHost would simply not exist.

Therefore, most of our team members are supporting, either by helping in various support channels or by directly contributing in form of code or resources, the communities of the open-source projects we use heavily.

Blendbyte Inc., ZNCHost's parent company, also regularly supports the open-source space by providing monetary donations or free cloud-resources.

Special OSS Deals & Sponsoring

To demonstrate our commitment to the open-source community, we offer specials deals on our services, if we agree that your project can profit from it. We even offer all-in sponsoring, if we think it's a good match.

Please note, that these deals are of course limited and we cannot provide free services for every small open-source project.

In case you want to go ahead an send in an application for a special deal or sponsoring, please use the following form for this and provide all asked information as complete as possible.

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